The Blame Free State


By François Beausoleil

Financial model
Pay what you want

Our approach is that you decide after reading the book if you want to offer money to François.

If you want to support François financially to keep writing, you’ll find a link at the end of the book that will enable you to do that. 

 We chose this approach to maximize your ability to choose how much money you want to offer, since you’ll have experienced the book before considering paying.

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Your Financial contribution

Below you can choose how you want to contribute financially. Feel free to pick whatever option you feel best matches your situation. When you pay is up to you.

Some prefer paying before and others prefer after they have read a part, others after they finish it completely.

Volume 1

The Blame Free State

0$   – You see no way to contribute financially


5$   – As a sign of thank you


10$ – As a sign of thank you


20$  – The requested price for one volume


50$  – You want to support me to keep writing


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