Mini Course

​How to get started with Empathic Coaching​?

​With this course, you'll learn the foundations of empathic coaching as well as how to navigate the main difficulties that coaches face.​ ​

The purpose of this series is to offer a guide to help you save time, energy and discouragement that can come from missing basic knowledge.  It's also to get you started; there is no way of knowing how you’ll feel until you make that step.​ 

Getting started

Finding the safety to get started

Work with your fears ​related to offering Empathic Coaching

Getting ready to practice coaching

Learn to get ready to practice Empathic Coaching

Empathic Coaching road map & mindset

Learn how to lead a basic Empathic Coaching Session

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Limiting BeliEfs 


Find out and dissolve limiting beliefs related to money


Overcome the belief that you might be unqualified for coaching

Being enough

Shift out of believing that you don't have enough value to offer

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Live Coaching Calls


Dissolve fears in a healthy way so that they support you in life.

Limiting Beliefs

Overcome the belief that might limit you more than you realize.

Getting Started

You think that this might work for anyone, but probably not you?

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Connecting with Clients

New clients

Discover how to get going in an inspiring and engaging way for the initial session

Creating Action items

Creating empowering and highly relevant action items so you can save time and enjoy more energy

How to begin sessions

How to create continuity between sessions so you and your client get a sense of clarity and focus

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Not yet released

Asking for money

Principles that will help you being comfortable with asking for money


How to price your services so you can charge what you want with integrity


Design your initial packages so your offer can be understood in a second

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