​How to get started with Empathic Coaching​?

​With this course, you'll learn the foundations of empathic coaching as well as how to navigate the main difficulties that coaches face.​ ​

The purpose of this series is to offer a guide to help you save time, energy and discouragement that can come from missing basic knowledge. It's also to get you started; there is no way of knowing how you’ll feel until you make that step.​

How to Get Started Coaching - Part 1: Safety

Learn how to identify your fears ​ and how to increase your level of safety related to offering coaching​.​

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Getting ready to practice coaching

Learn some key things to consider as you get ready to practice Empathic Coaching

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Empathic Coaching road map and mindsets

Learn how to lead a basic Empathic Coaching Session

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What is next?

I am starting a course with the aim to get your Empathic Coaching business up and running. I want you to see if this might be for you, so the first two webinars are free.

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What leads you to consider becoming a coach? If you already coach, what leads you to consider integrating Empathic Coaching in your services?
If it was possible, what would be your ideal life situation as a coach?
How did it go following the videos?

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