Empathic coaching intensive
March 25-26th, 2017,
10am-5pm Saturday
10.15am-5.30pm Sunday

As an NVC practitioner,
you have skills to change lives.

In this Program, you will learn:

→ An approach to coaching that is based on NVC and includes transformative elements from other modalities (NLP, The Work from Byron Katie)​
→ How to clarify what the clients really want, and uncover what is truly holding them back through The 6 core Empathic Coaching questions 
→ The Mindset of an Empathic Coach: Understanding how people change and why they don’t always manage
→ How to empower people in relation to their fears and limiting beliefs.
→ How to increase our clients' freedom and healing through working with past and future versions

Organized by Sofie Bakker

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