Our Core Values


Empathic Coaching (EC) is rooted​ ​in the vision of a world in which we interdependently support each other​. We do that with skills, knowledge about human beings, processes that allow transformation and empowerment, and empathic presence.

Contribution and Care

EC enables the EC practitioner to step in from a deep place of contribution and care for the clients.

Empowerment and Healing

I believe that many of us have untapped resources inside us.  The work of the EC coach is to make these resources available in a sustainable and ongoing way to the client through various levels of healing and through awareness raising.

These values matter to me because I see them as the center of what makes it possible for human beings to make the most of their lifes, and be agent of change themselves, simply by being aligned with their life's potential.

What we do

​Work in Organizations

I've been working in organizations since 2006, helping to resolve conflicts, increase trust, avoid communication traps and work more collaboratively and effectively.

Executive Empathic Coaching

I help executives tackle their work and personal challenges by providing a map of how they can relate to others and themselves more effectively and from a place of connection and heart-openness.

Business Empathic Coaching

I help individuals and small organizations by providing business guidance aligned with values of connectedness and integrity.

Personal Empathic Coaching

In these sessions, I support life changes through empathic presence and various empathic coaching processes. I gently guide clients towards their own realizations and support them to unlock life energy as well as upgrade various skills related to the desired outcomes. I help them to create and follow through with a plan that encapsulates the essence of their personal values and the outcomes they look for.



For me, this course has really been a pivot moment in my life. I’m so grateful to you and everyone who took the class with me. There’s been a synergy and continuing connection that I couldn’t have imagined.  Before joining the class, my desired career change felt theoretical and vague.  Now it feels very real, and I am focused and energized.  I’ll be forever grateful to you  and my classmates.

Charlie ROWAN, Mediation from the Heart

It was this program that gave me not just the hope I needed that I could dedicate myself full time to supporting others through the consciousness of NVC, but it gave me the practical tools I needed to create that reality.  And now, it really is a reality!  I use these same powerful processes now in my individual coaching practice and group coaching.  They are creating huge shifts in the lives of my clients.  And learning this material has created a huge shift in my inner and outer life.  I’m overwhelmed with gratitude, and tearing up when I think about it, for Francois, Kim, and Michael putting this work together for us.

Autumn Estrella BRIGHID, autumnestrellabrighid.com

I would name this modality as being a conciousness in evolution. In my opinion it totally rocks and I’m celebrating being part of bringing it into the world.

Jayne MIDDLETON, Nurturing Potential

I am participating in the empathic coaching and connected business course with Francois and have learned the Connected Match Discovery Process in this time. I have since used it to connect with potential clients and found it tremendously supportive. To have a framework I can go off that is based on connection, value, trust, support and compassion, not on hard selling has been invaluable for me. To be reminded to be immersed in an energy of sufficiency and abundance… to be in an exchange of full choice, support, connection and of mutually finding what works is just what I need. The outcomes have all been favourable, with potential clients turning into clients and also a warmth, lightness and mutual gratitude felt between us. What a great way to engage in business!!!

Kaya JONGEN, kayajongen.com

I regard François Beausoleil as a leader in the global Nonviolent Communication community in helping people create successful livelihoods doing work that they love.”François understands what it takes to transcend limiting thinking that inhibits our professional growth and development… for example, that applying effective business practices is somehow antithetical to sharing Compassionate Communication in the world.François not only doesn’t buy into this gibberish, but provides practical tools for helping people overcome these beliefs and develop livelihoods that serve the world and create sustainability for the practitioner at the same time.

Jeff BROWN, CNVC Certified Trainer

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